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For over 8 years the Hafner Academy has been following our vision - to establish a high professional standard in training with massage equipment. With us you will experience an extensive, certified training with our innovative products and the necessary know-how - directly in our training facilities, so that the treatment is guaranteed on a reliably high level. For hotels, wellness and spa facilities the Hafner seal of quality awarded by our Academy ensures that the training with our innovative equipment is of the highest professionalism and expertise. You will feel this immediately.

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Lead through Innovation

Especially when it comes to health and wellness treatments, people today expect only the best. Guests in a SPA or cosmetic center should feel completely comfortable. This includes not only particularly high-quality and certified wellness products, but also friendly and competent staff, who not only work with proven methods, but also keep up with the times. If the products and methods seem antiquated, the guest will probably leave it at a one-time visit. A regular update, i.e. the training and continuous education of the staff is therefore essential from a purely economic point of view.