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Since 2008

Im Jahre 2008  gegründet, steht die Firma Hafner IPS seither für Weiterentwicklung und innovatives Schaffen im Wellness- & Spabereich. Antons Bedürfnis, Masseure aus- und weiterzubilden resultierte 2012 in der Gründung der Hafner Academy.

Im Jahr 2013 begann die Zusammenarbeit mit Heinrich Reichart.  In ihrem Streben nach Innovation einig, entstand zwischen Anton und Heinrich schnell eine Zusammenarbeit, die sich zu einer engen Freundschaft weiterentwickelte.

By Heinrich’s side, Magdalena Reichart 

A certified physiotherapist since 1989 and masseur since 2005, Magdalena currently holds the world record in continuous massage, having massaged 141 people within 24 hours. 

The most important pillar - the team

More extensive and experienced than ever, our team has grown into a real family and is looking enthusiastically into the future - united in our efforts to provide our customers with innovation and relaxation at the highest level.

Responsible and sustainable partners

We are always mindful of sustainability, ban all unnecessary and even possibly harmful chemicals from our products and strive for European production sites and fairest working conditions. 


United effort & combined knowledge - Heinrich Reichart has been CEO of Hafner IPS since 2016, shortly after his close friend and business partner, original founder Anton Hafner, had unexpectedly passed away. The knowledge and experience Heinrich had obtained throughout his 20 years of work in the fields of process engineering, consulting and development of innovative products has manifested itself noticeably in the company’s philosophy and hunger for innovation. However, to ensure the hands-on utilization of his products, Heinrich was aware that the vast knowledge of a true expert in massage and physiotherapy would be invaluable. Thus, he combined his technological and engineering skills with the expertise of his wife, Magdalena Reichart who would frequently share her experience and opinion, hence ensuring the practicability of Hafner products. Combining a diverse set of skills grants us the ability to achieve tasks we would not be able to on our own, this being:

Innovation - our innovative products grant an unforgettable experience that is highly oriented towards usefulness and practicability. They aid ensuring the long-term health of the masseurs’ wrists and joints while rewarding the person enjoying the massage with ultimate relaxation. We aspire to truly innovate the market for wellness- and spa-therapy, which has proven to be rather static for some time. Nearly all our products were developed with a simple question in mind: “Can’t this be done better?”. We investigate each product thoroughly, constantly asking ourselves whether the product truly has reason to exist and how it could be improved.

Sustainable & regional - progress simply for the stake of progress is not desirable for us and is, in the light of our planet’s health, inadequate. Hence, Hafner stands for sustainable and responsible innovation which benefits not only our customers and us, but also everybody and everything having a part in that process - whether environment or workforce. We believe in the deliberate enforcement of ethically correct business by banning unnecessary and for the environment potentially harmful ingredients from our products, avoiding the use of chemicals and personally securing humane labour conditions. We visit our production sites and facilities on a regular basis and only cooperate with suppliers who share our mentality regarding sustainability and fairness. When possible, we choose to produce in the European Union and help create jobs. We pride ourselves in the fact that many of our employees and suppliers have happily remained by our side and part of our family for years.

Education & training - It takes time and effort to become the very best at something. At Hafner Academy, we help professional masseurs to further educate themselves, effectively helping establish a high standard for massage therapy since 2012. Receiving training and education at our Academy assures hotels, spas and the masseurs of a broad level of expertise and etiquette. Aiding professionals who strive to become even more professional is an honor for us!